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Sapporo Beer Garden

  • There are Craftsman techniques changing the deliciousness of Beer Sapporo Five Star
  • Insisting on safe and secure delicious ingredients
  • Enjoy the taste while gazing at the charming four seasons of Japan
  • Dishes and draft beer served with great hospitality
  • Sapporo Beer Garden, a place where the “delicious” and “beautiful” are gathered

A draft beer that you can only drink here

A “Genghis Khan” made of tender and plain fresh lamb meat and plenty of vegetables on a special metal skillet.
Draft beer is a perfect match with the local cuisine representing Hokkaido.
At the Sapporo Beer Garden, aiming at offering you delicious tastes that cannot be experienced anywhere else, freshly brewed beer delivered directly from factories is carefully poured by skilled professionals.
Please get a taste of one glass of delicious beer filled with the heart and soul of craftsmen who accumulated experience through daily training.

Five Star Beer
Genghis Khan

“Genghis Khan” is a specialty of Hokkaido.

The Genghis Khan is Hokkaido's representative dish usually made with lamb and mutton that you eat after grilling on a metal skillet which is dome shaped at the center.
The Genghis Khan pot has ridges going from center to outer part that drain off the excess of fat and marinade allowing to grill ingredients in a delicious way.
In addition, what remains indispensable for enjoying the Genghis Khan is the “sauce”.
Sapporo Beer Garden special sauce is prepared by paying particular attention to take advantage of the flavors of apple and lemon.
The salt and pepper, allowing you to enjoy the natural delicious savor of meat, are also original just like the sauce.

Delicious and healthy lamb meat

Sheep meats include “lamb” younger than one year old and “mutton” older than 2 years old.
The Sapporo Beer Garden only use lamb meat without strong smell or accent.
Genghis Khan can be deliciously enjoyed even by persons eating it for the first time.
Also, the particularity of lamb meat is that it is a healthy ingredient.
It has lots of nice features, including a large number of nutritional components good for the body and has less calories than beef or pork meat.
Delicious and healthy, that’s what defines lamb meat.

Beyond 100 years… Feel history at the “Kaitakushi-kan”

The Kaitakushi-kan and its red bricks, symbol of Sapporo Beer Garden.
This place was built in 1890 as a sugar factory and then used as malting plant until 1963, then in 1966, it became the Sapporo Beer Garden.
Making history for about a century.
The towering chimney reaching for the sky, as well as the outer wall made of shining red bricks and the giant kessel in the Kessel Hall still have the same appearance they had at that time.


Reservations and Inquiries: “Sapporo Beer Garden Reservations Center”

TEL 0570-098-346

*Support provided in Japanese or in English

Information on Restaurants

Kessel Hall

Kessel Hall

Kaitakushi-kan 2・3 F

The giant beer-brewing cauldron/kessel which was made in 1912 is very eye-catching and the hall design evokes a sense of spaciousness.
A beer hall where you can fully enjoy yourself while feeling history and tradition in a royal way.
Recommended for those who want to enjoy in groups and get their stomach full with delicious Genghis Khan and draft beer directly delivered from factories and for those willing to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the beer hall.
Available even for small number of people.



While taking advantage of the elegance of red bricks, this retro modern hall is decorated with a modern interior.
Offering a very substantial choice of Hokkaido specialties including a Genghis Khan using particularly selected ingredients.



A hall with a relaxing atmosphere from which you can look at the red bricks Kaitakushi-kan and the scenery changing throughout seasons.
Apart from the variety of “Flavored Genghis Khan” elaborated with plenty of secret sauce, it is also offering a wide range of à la carte dishes including Japanese, Korean and Western cuisine.
Preparing lots of dishes increasing your appetite for draft beer directly delivered from factories.

Garden Grill

Garden Grill

A hall having a sophisticated appearance, equipped with an impressively large window overlooking the symbol of Sapporo Beer Garden.
The Garden Grill uses “grain fed lamb” providing higher-grade lamb meat which is tender and easy to eat.
In addition, it also offers plenty of dishes using ingredients produced in Hokkaido such as grilled seasonal seafood and vegetables.

Facility Information

9-2-10, Kita7Jo, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 065-0007
0570-098-346 (Sapporo Beer Garden General Reservation Center)
*For customers using an IP phone, please call us on 011-742-1535.
Business Hours
11:30-21:00 (Last order at 20:40)
Closed on
December 31st
Parking (Up to 6 hours free for customers,150vehicles) *You require authentication at restaurant. / Credit Cards Accepted


New Chitose Airport

Rapid Airport Express 1,150 yen

  • JR Sapporo Station
  • Subway : Toho Subway Line Sapporo Station to Toho Line Higashikuyakusho Mae Station 210 yen Higashikuyakusho Mae 10-min walk from Exit No.4
  • Sapporo Beer Garden
  • JR Sapporo Station
  • Bus : Sapporo Beer Garden, Ario Line Shuttle Bus 210 yen Sapporo Station North Exit, Bus Stop No.2 Line Number 188  / Factory Line Shuttle Bus 210 yen Sapporo Station South Exit  “Sapporo Eki Mae” Bus Stop on Tokyu Department Store south side. Loop-line No. 88
  • Sapporo Beer Garden
  • JR Sapporo Station
  • Taxi : 7-min from Sapporo Station North Exit Approx. 760 yen
  • Sapporo Beer Garden

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